Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cork Pop

Welcome to my official blog, Champagne 'Yote. Here you'll be able to find everything I respect, enjoy, endorse and believe. If your wondering, here's the science behind the title of the blog. As far as the champagne goes, you probably already know, I don't drink. Not really my thing. And if I did, it would be kind of illegal. But, as a 17 year old artist living in the fastest moving city on the planet, every day, all I can do is wake up and use my talent and ability to bring my dreams to life. Right? dreams, my ambitions and my tastes reflect what most would refer to as the finer things in life. Your everyday stereotypes of success...Cigars, champagne, currency, curvy women, creativity. The all American embodiment of ambition. In an attempt to not only provide nothing less than innovation and greatness through my art, but to also create something timeless, I'll use this blog to document my thoughts and feelings, on my way to my own ambitions, letting you enter the world that this Young Coyote lives in. Presenting...Champagne 'Yote.

Don't be scared to drop me a line in the comments. New music coming soon, hopefully along with some moments for both you and me to remember.

"Let the champagne splash, let that man get cash, let that man get past
He don't even stop to get gas, if he could move through the rumors, he could drive off of fumes cuz.."
-Air Yeezy

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  1. i am an artist as well. what your official facebook page. your personal one. i'd love to talk to you.