Sunday, March 28, 2010

Relief (You Should Roll With Me)

"Where are we headed?"

A question often left unanswered, not by choice; but by the inability to premeditate the future. In the field of entertainment, us as the entertainers can only hope and strive to forsee a bright, successful animation of our careers unfold before us. With that, I ask this: What happens to the cast of characters who played an integral role in our first movie...Do they make repeat appearances in the sequel?

I'm very lucky to know the few people I can refer to as support (I see you LNG), because in times of break, we always need crutches before we can walk again. But if I strike gold, do I bring those who helped me walk in the past to feast, even if they gave out and left me to crawl?

There may be fewer guests at the feast than one would expect.

-Young Coyote
P.S. - I've got some information for you on the third day of the FIFTH month.

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