Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laws of Justice

Where do I begin? My mind has been working overtime trying to contemplate how to bring you the best possible music. More new joints coming soon. Shout out to everybody that showed love towards "Left, Right..." You might have a few more "?" moments when it comes to the music I'm currently making, but believe in me. I got y'all. I think people misunderstand that Alive & Vibrant was a conceptual project, and not a reflection of what my entire catalogue would sound like. I've been focusing on actually directly expressing my life, real situations, thoughts and feelings into my new records and I think you'll be able to enjoy it and hopefully some of you will be able to relate. My job is to not let you down. The reason I've been taking so long with this project, as well as the information surrounding it, is because I want it to be special. There's so much music out there nowadays that it's easy to fall through the cracks as an artist, and be in a state of disinterest as a fan.

We deserve better than that right?

I say we because this ride is about us. Anybody that's ever supported me, anybody that's ever told a friend that there's a rapper named Nero that they need to check out; is just as much a part of this process as I am.

As far as my personal life is concerned...I could type for days. 8 million stories from The Rotten Apple. But I'll save it for my music. Everything will come to the light, no stone unturned.

Last Name Gang x Champagne 'Yote x ______________

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