Sunday, May 16, 2010

Incase You Missed It: Alive & Vibrant

Artwork by the genius French illustrator, Cookie Kalkair.

In what I consider to be my first mixtape, Mike Waxx and I put together this tribute to 90's hip hop. I recorded (and amateurishly mixed/engineered) it right out of my living room, and completed it in about a couple months. This is the deluxe edition, from July 2009. Shouts out to Kev and Chip tha Ripper for coming through with that verse in the clutch.

Now wait til you see what I come up with next.
"M _ _ _ _ _ _ _"


  1. The phrase at the bottom is 'MayFifth' I suppose...

  2. Wait, that date already passed, FAIL!

  3. I'm thinking Midnight?