Thursday, May 6, 2010


I wanted to share an excerpt from these Charles Hamilton lyrics with you from his album, The Pink Lavalamp (which, regardless of what anybody says about him, is one of my favorite albums ever).

"Music is the only love"
Hell muthafuckin' yeah it's the only love,
I'm never lonely cause, it disowned me, trust
That if it needs me? I'll be there.. and vice versa
Can't say the same about these phony fucks
When I was laying in the hospital bed hooked to an IV
No one even cared if I'm dead, ain't want to find me
Music was right there, my life was touched
So I love music twice as much, (sometimes I feel I've got)

No real family, No real friends
No real escape, No real ends
So I'm gon' die, with my music
By my side and that's true shit
No good liquor, No good bud
No good pussy, No good drugs
So.. (Music is the only love)

Hopefully, I can be there for you.

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