Monday, May 3, 2010

Show Love: Naralys

People who deserve a moment of dedication or have made an impact on me (whether they know it or not, this being a prime example), will be highlighted under the Show Love series.

Keep your enemies close?

I've definitely never had a dynamic within a relationship (I don't think friendship is the right word here), quite like the one I have with the lady depicted above. We've ranged from silent treatments and cold stares to some of the best conversation I've ever had (which from her side of the glass is probably much less monumental). The sky can be falling, and with a swift press of the easy button, she makes clear the simple solutions to all of my now seemingly obsolete life-problems. Regardless of the mutual people, relationships and history in the air, which should make us rivals, Naralys is truly one of the realest people I've ever met; because she's never been afraid to tell me like it is. I think she cares about me more than my friends do. Alright, I'm pushing it. But, she's appreciated around the mindtrap that is Champagne 'Yote more than a lot of people you might expect to be honored. And I will say, that for some nonsensical unspoken reason, she knows me like the inside of her giant Kidrobot wallet...or the back of her hand. I'm not exactly sure what her dream is...but I support it. Respect for your honesty, your wit, and your words.

I'll probably get clowned for this post in the morning.

Show Love,
'Ro Ransom

P.S. - Raekwon the Chef salute.


  1. all the girls u post on here is cute

  2. aw this is really sweet.