Saturday, July 3, 2010

Atlantis and A..

I'm still a fan at heart.

If you're going to only download one of the six Charles Hamilton mixtapes released earlier today, download this one. In the original link uploaded, the songs are tagged so that it's virtually impossible to export. I had my 'Yote associates fix that up.

Download here. Read more to see the tracklist.
1. Shining Shadows (prod. Charles Hamilton x DJ Toomp)
2. Order My Steps (prod. DJ Toomp)
3. Speak No Louder Remix (prod. Charles Hamilton x DJ Toomp)
4. Supersoniclove Remix (prod. DJ Toomp)
5. Heroin Girl (prod. DJ Toomp)
6. Humble Pie (prod. DJ Toomp)
7. Cancer (prod. Groove)
8. PhilDrewOzN'Oprah (prod. Groove)
9. That's So Raven (prod. Groove)
10. JANN Drunk (prod. sol Messiah)
11. Allison Loves Music (prod. Sol Messiah)
12. JANN Sober (prod. Sol Messiah)
13. There's Nothing Like It (prod. Sol Messiah)
14. There's Nothing Like It...Really (prod. Sol Messiah)


  1. good look and your right this is the best out the six mixtapes well "isn't this awkward" puts up a fight.

  2. yo! why is there an illuminati youtube screenshot in the folder??