Saturday, July 17, 2010

Show Love: Daysha

We're not even really close friends (we should be)...but I realized tonight that out of a lot of people around me, you're probably one of the only ones that actually inspires me. Do you know that you're walking art? You yourself are art that breathes, thinks and goes about her day. You really treat how you carry yourself, what you wear and how you put on your make-up like it's an art. That's not it either, it's not just physical. I also believe you're someone who's a lot deeper than people give you credit for. It's crazy how we as humans naturally judge by appearances. Sometimes I listen to and read things that you say and I'm thoroughly impressed..and that doesn't happen very often. You're one of a kind. Maybe I should have written a song about this instead.

"Some of the smartest people in the world; the ones that actually obtain useful and worldly knowledge, are the ones who don't care about the mechanics of learning, just the experience. I'm definitely one of these people. I would rather be an average student, than a fake, obnoxiously over achieveing teachers pet."