Sunday, October 31, 2010

Show Love: Kenny "Phenom" Ransom

I should hate you, according to the situation in which we formally met.

"You know who did you know what with you know who, but let's keep that between me and you for now." -Lucky Lefty

In any event, I always catch myself thinking how different my life would be had we not both been assigned 4th period lunch in our freshman year of high school. Where would we be had we never spoke? In the past few years there have been tons of eras, stories, beefs, good times, dramas and et cetera, but there's always been a common denominator. You've been there next to me through all of it. Your support means much more than you probably realize. Hopefully I'm not deceived, and hopefully this is a fair assessment to make, but I feel like you really share the same principles and morals of loyalty that I do...which I commend, because the absence of those principles has been poison to some of the most influential friendships of my past. This blog post is probably a jinx though, and you'll probably attempt to have your way with my new girlfriend as soon as this is published, haaaa. I'm glad I've had a partner in crime that represents individuality and trend setting...we could've told them about Drake and Wiz Khalifa ages ago. Any dream, any ambition you have, I'm 100 percent behind you. Fear versus Courage.

Show Love,
'Ro Ransom (Ransom Boys, Last Name Gang)

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