Thursday, March 31, 2011

Howling at Hades: Afterthoughts

This shit is all kind of crazy to me. I haven't put out a full length anything since July 2009. I just want to thank everybody for all the love we've been getting, I think this project is definitely a special one. I think my verses are some of my hardest yet, and I think Rich brought that out of me. For some unexplainable enigmatic reason, when I get in the studio with that guy, I'm liable to put twice my heart into it.

Some of the sessions for this EP went to 4 in the morning...5 in the morning...6...7...8. Shouts to my English professor for giving me a B on that 10 page thesis I wrote during an all nighter after getting home at five. Tangent. Whiskey (none for me), fistfights (none for me), models (none for married Rich), but even more so, genuine conversation, which I think adds a certain legitimacy, an authenticity to the music and the lyrics. I have to thank Bonic, Panther (who's a genius), and I really have to thank Ari. Ari Raskin is probably the best engineer I've ever worked with, he brought this shit to life.

Some people don't like Rich. To be honest, I didn't at first, either. But with time, I realized he's a genius. Hopefully you will too.

Champagne moment.

"Howling at Hades"


  1. thanks for sharing ur life + creativity.get money/stay true

  2. Downloading this joint asap

  3. Nero the shinobi from the leaf!