Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Thoughts

From left to right: Tyler, Daisuke, Mike Waxx, Kenny

I love my team. "Shout out to Tyler...silent..killer."

I've been working hard...not just rapping...but working hard to stay sane. Rapping too though.

Everything I say to you is heartfelt. I miss you.
--Have y'all ever felt like this? Like, you have to say all of exactly how you feel to someone, regardless of how it's gonna go, just so that you're not 50 years old saying "I wish I would've said that"?
---That should be a song. I'll stop there.

Shout out to my brother Rich Hil. Misunderstood life.

Nothing is fucking with illRoots right now.

Closer and closer to the new music. My people are excited...I'm excited. There's a new energy around us...almost as if something's about to happen.

Honorable...Only Wolf-Like.

Many names. One heart.

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