Monday, June 13, 2011

Show Love: Rich Hil

I want to thank Mike Waxx for forcing me to listen to Rich Hil way back when. Not only has he gone on to become my brother and my friend, but he's also legitimately one of, if not my favorite artist. This guy's music saved my life. He's extremely courageous for saying the shit that he does, which is essentially just honestly expressing who he is. It's unspoken, but he reminds me a lot of myself, and that's why he's Ricky Ransom.

I learned a lot in the making of Howling at Hades (our collaboration EP, March 2011). Read about that here. Download the EP here.

Consider me Limos. Shout out to Bonic, Panther, Ari and Sickamore too. Tattoo coming soon?

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