Sunday, March 28, 2010


I legitimately feel sorry for people who don't think Wayne is one of the best to ever do it (I know quite a few). They're missing out on the feeling that comes from appreciating, learning and taking from the example this man leads.


  1. Are you kidding man? Seriously? How are you such a dope underground, conscious rapper with dope lyrics and yet you like the trashy Weezy? Really? You know where the hate on him comes from? It comes from him dumbing it down. The dude is smart in real life, I've heard him talk and all, dude has a good head on his shoulders. Yet, with all of that intelligence, he spouts non-sense and shitty mainstream stuff, talking of the usual 3 kings of superficiality: Bitches, money, swag. I don't care how many damn songs he releases per year, i don't care if he has an original flow, I don't give a damn if he has good production, he'll be trash as long as he raps about trashy stuff.

  2. yo i disagree bro

    rebirth had some insightful topics

    and even though he raps about superficial things, he does it well, like hes skillful as far as his craft goes